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The first entirely practical online sales course, led by a person with over 80 000 online deals.

Opportunities for success do not last forever, realize your dream future NOW

What do you WANT

to achieve in life?

VALUE! Think about that word.

Everyone strives for their personal peak, this is their goal. The vision for the top is different for everyone. Whether your goal is the opportunity to travel the world with your loved ones or an insanely fast sports car in the garage, or just the time and freedom to follow your dreams – your goal, no matter what it looks like is achievable through online commerce!

This is a profession that gives you TRUE FREEDOM without a compulsory job or working hours, without a boss to limit your opportunities for development and success. Online commerce is the means by which many people have reached their peaks, NOW is the time for you to make your dream come true !

What makes this course

Its practical orientation

This is the first fully practical course on online sales in Bulgaria. It illustrates through real examples and events the steps to succeed in the industry! 

Its convenient format

The course is designed in the form of video tutorials. This makes not only the course, but also your goal literally a few clicks away!

Its infinite value

We have something to share! The course synthesizes over 7 years of experience, over 80,000 successful deals in the industry and has over 1,300 followers! 

From A to Z


The course is designed for people with different levels of knowledge and experience in the industry! Whether you're a complete beginner or a trader with a few years of experience, there's something to learn! 

Make the right choice and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

What is the VALUE
on the course? 

You've come to the right place to build the foundation and learn the ins and outs of dropshipping through knowledge accumulated through thousands of deals and years of experience. This is your chance to achieve your dream through the most complete online trading course in Bulgaria! 

The first part of the course is designed for absolute beginner traders, but in its future stages, even the most advanced in the field will have something to learn! You will receive a guide with full video instructions, which has no analogue in the digital space and describes exactly how to develop your skills from 0 to the first successful sale. In addition to all this, you will also get access to a secret Facebook group, which already includes successful former members of the course!

Everything in the course is developed with a real account on the eBay platform in real time with real people and attention to detail. Best of all, each step will be one click away , as the video format on which the course is built is designed to be easily accessible anywhere. 

What is the STRUCTURE
of the course? 


Although the course is aimed at beginners, anyone who wants to enrich their knowledge and skills as an online trader is guaranteed to find value. According to the program, the training is structured on 3 levels – Beginners, Advanced, Experts. 

Every step is shown – from registering an account, optimizing the first store, solving complex cases and the first successful sale. The practical nature of the course allows for the efficient acquisition of knowledge that is sure to be used to build a successful online store

Who leads the course?

In the difficult branch of online trade Tsvetan Radushev is one of the most successful dropshipping eBay and Amazon online retailers in Bulgaria, and not only with his stores in the USA and England he trades in the whole world and he is at the forefront of this course. In addition to all his experience as a retailer, Tsvetan can also boast of owning a number of popular software that helps other online retailers. 

In conducting each of his training seminars so far, Tsvetan is guided by the motto: 

“Freedom, time and money in your future through online commerce!” 

Because his goal is to share knowledge with people who are ready to grab success! In the last 4 years, more than 2,500 people have attended Tsvetan's courses, and many of them have found their realization in the industry, now it's your turn! 


The opportunity to make your deepest dreams come true is available, take the path of online commerce, which provides real freedom and financial security!

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to start , develop and strengthen your online empire! Through years of experience and success that have been synthesized in a suitable and easy-to-consume format, your dreams have never been easier to achieve!

Grab your future, gain real freedom and start having time for yourself! No boss, with a dream and a guide to success at hand! 

Choose your freedom and MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!

What is the evidence for success

Do you still have any doubts? Ask! 

After your successful registration in the form below (“Sign up”), you will receive a call from our team, which will confirm your registration and provide more information. But you are free to pay with Debit / Credit Card; Paypal; IBAN Account and even Speedy / Econt (on request)!
Of course! If the course does not work for you, Tsvetan Radushev will personally contact you, guaranteeing that under certain conditions * – the money will be refunded 100%. (For more information read here ).
Your data will be processed in full confidentiality as required by the LPPD.
When purchasing the course, in addition to the full value of the first part of the training (Beginners), you will receive a 3-month subscription to the online trading software – SmPro; 1 month to the software – ListerHero and discounts on several other services. You will also get access to the secret group of the course, which is full of useful information and already practicing successful traders!
Don't worry! You can always contact one of our employees after opening the chat in the lower right corner. You can also ask your questions in our free group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/bg.zero.to.success.online/

All these BONUSES are included 

Bonus # 1

Three two-day dropshipping seminars from Plovdiv and Varna

Lecturers: Boris Gichev, Geomil Georgiev, Pavel Penchev, Hristo Petrov, Tsvetan Radushev, Hrabren Bankov and others. Two online trading seminars that will show you how these speakers have achieved their success.

Bonus # 3

Two free months on Smpro.net worth BGN 245

This is software I created specifically for people involved in online trading and in particular arbitrage and dropshipping. With the help of smpro anyone can generate a table to use as a basis for accounting in Bulgaria. 

Bonus # 5

Record from Zik Analytics Mentoring Program

A program in which my manager from India and I showed in practice how we look for products and calculate profit from sales. In it I also gave answers to all the questions of the participants. 

Bonus # 7

Free consultation with an accountant with experience in online trading

Accounting for the business of online commerce (dropshipping) is not an easy task, so I have selected a group of professionals that you can contact for a free consultation when you purchase the course. 

Bonus # 2

The practical course from 0 to Success in online trading sales according to the model known as dropshipping

The practical course shows my screen, how to build and develop your store on the eBay platform.

The first practical course on online trading on eBay on the model of dropshipping in Bulgaria. 

Bonus # 4

Unlimited access to a secret course group

In it you can ask the questions that arose during the training and if you do not receive an answer from one of the members I will answer you personally. 

Bonus # 6

Two free months on ListerHero.com

You can easily and quickly launch new products in your online store on eBay, without eBay detecting that you are using software, which in turn leads to more traffic to the products. 

Powerful software developed by online merchants who do dropshipping to save time. 

Opportunities for SUCCESS do not last forever.


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