How does BREXIT affect online businesses?

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Business podcast From 0 To Success
How does BREXIT affect online businesses?


Business podcast From 0 To Success
Business podcast From 0 To Success
How does BREXIT affect online businesses?

How does Brexit affect online businesses in the United Kingdom? I have a special guest who will be part of this interview. His name is Ivelin, and he is an accountant. He has a small account company which is providing accounting services based in the UK and abroad. I received many questions from people outside Europe, and they want to start a local business. They want to begin to sell on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

The problem is not with starting an online business or registering a company in the UK. You can do it, even if it is outside of Europe after Brexit at the beginning of this year. Anyone will be able to register a company, and this takes around 24-48 hours. It won't be necessary to travel to the UK. You could be based in China, Italy, Bulgaria.

Do you want to watch the full episode on my YouTube channel and see how Brexit affects online businesses? You can do it from here: https://zerotosuccess.me/how-does-brexit-affect-online-businesses.

In the podcast episode, you will learn how much time it takes to start a business in the UK and how much it costs to register a company. You will know how much costs taxes to start an online business and the benefits. You will know that it is possible to stop your business temporarily if you stay to the end.

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In the episode:


How much time does it take to start a business in UK?


How much costs to register a company in UK?


How much costas taxes to start a business in UK?


What are the benefits of using company in UK?


Is it possible to stop a business for temporary in UK

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