“Success is not measured by the numbers in your bank account, but by the number of lives which you have changed for the better!”

Our Mission

The goal of the Academy “From 0 To Success” is to enrich the knowledge of online commerce, digital marketing and business not only in Bulgaria but all over the world. Our mission is to motivate and help the community develop its potential and achieve results in online sales.

The practical trainings at the Academy are aimed at beginners and advanced in the field of e-commerce. We believe that knowledge is the opportunity for success and we are constantly getting new opportunities.

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Free school

The free training of the Academy “From 0 To Success” gives a chance to touch e-commerce. The materials included are over 25 hours. You get access to seminars from Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia, which are attended by other lecturers in the field of online commerce, as well as accountants.