How to Learn Anything FASTER

Do you feel bored when you start learning? Most people often find an excuse to learn something. As a software engineer and business owner, I study all the time in my life. Learning is a process that can be stressful for everyone, no matter their age. It can take a lot of time to learn something. So today, I am going to share with you eight tips on how to do that faster. 

To begin with, you should try to learn new things faster because the time you save, you can use to learn more, to improve yourself or to relax.

The first method for faster learning

The first method you should know is the method called “Sharpen the axe”.

Abraham Lincoln has said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The lesson we ought to remember is that you will complete it better and faster if you are well-prepared for completing an action. So, when you have to do a task, meet yourself with its features. When you start playing a game you haven’t played before, spend time reading its rules.

Method two:

Method two: I want to share with you: “Use the assistance of a nice activity to be more focused.”. For example, while working or learning, turn on calm music and continue doing this job. Your brain will automatically synchronize the rhythm of the song and your work. As a result, your concentration will increase so that you will cope with the process better.

The third method

The third method waiting for a mentioning is to deep yourself in the atmosphere of the task. If you are learning a new language, the best way to do that is to listen to music in this language, watch TV, and speak with native speakers.

Learning a language

The fourth method

Finding out what your weaknesses are is the fourth method that will help you improve your learning skills. When you realize what your weak links are, you will be more concentrated on contending with them. For example, if you are unorganized and when it is time to learn, you pay your attention to the phone or the computer, you should throw your device away in another room and only learn. But if you can’t plan your time correctly, you should watch my video about time management here.

The fifth trick to learn fast

Testing yourself is the fifth trick I will tell you about. You should try to test yourself in different situations to know how you will react. For example, try to learn in a noisy room, then in a quiet one. Try to do the learning early in the day, then later. That will help you see which are the best conditions for you, especially to learn. The result will let you know where, when, and who with is the best to improve your skills. 

Method six

Method six is to give yourself honest feedback for your work. Today, you have learned how to do something – that’s super! After you finish, provide feedback for the process of learning. If you point out the pros and cons of today’s work, you can easily compare the results with the other days. Of course, it would be best if you did that every day. The comparison of the daily feedbacks assists you in hurrying up your learning. 

Method seven

Method seven that I will give you is to try to learn in detail. The depth of the learning is essential for your brain because it is easier for it to make associations with the other information. The analogies it creates are the secrets for permanent knowledge. The connection with the rest of the information in the brain makes the new things you learn faster learnable. So that’s why the advice helps you increase the speed of the learning process. For example, when I started to invest and do dropshipping, I have done a lot of research which motivated me to begin with these types of activities. I have read so many blog posts, expert opinions and, because of that, I have succeeded. 

Deep learning

My eighth method

My eighth method for easy and fast learning is self-motivation. To be more organized, to stop losing your precious time, you must be self-motivated. That’s one of the best tips to be shared because if you don’t push yourself alone to achieve better results, who can do that? The aim, which you want to reach, must be the power of your motivation. For example, when you say that you have learnt how to be self-dependent, you have to congratulate yourself for building up this skill. When you say you have learnt how to make yourself read useful information, you also have to praise yourself! That is the algorithm of self-motivation – you do a task, then a congratulation by you is received!

The last method for learning quicklier

Teaching what you are attempting to learn is the last method I am going to mention. When we try to learn something, we always trust experienced people, teachers, the pros, who are more often older than us. It is not wrong to ask them, to collect importances they learnt from their experience, but it is also very cool to learn from the newbies, to see their opinion and thoughts. If you want to know a new thing, you are in the newbies’ position on this particular thing, so try to speak on the topic as a teacher. In the learning process, you should combine different methods for more effective results. 

Teach what you want to learn

If you mix all the advice that I gave you, you will see the effect. You will decrease the time you have spent before learning and use it for wholesome purposes! Now you can watch my video about this amazing topic here!

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